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Gay Times January 14 - Issue 428


Survivors Manchester is one of only five organisations in the UK that deals specifically with male survivors of sexual abuse and rape “If you’re male and you’ve been sexually violated, on some level it can be seen as something to do with being gay, and there’s a reluctance to want to admit anything like that,” says Duncan Craig, services director.

Last year, 9,000 men in the UK reported they had been raped by another male. But it’s estimated thousands of other victims are too ashamed to report their attacks or talk about them. However, Manchester’s John Lennon is an exception. After a savage attack where he was raped, beaten and had his genitals mutilated, John, 43, put his rapist behind bars and wrote a book about his horrific experience. He tells GT about the night that changed his life forever...

My Journey To Justice? by John Lennon is available at Amazon

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