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Gay Times December 13 - Issue 426


Superstar DJ, Twitter-fighter, 80s icon, photographer, designer - oh Boy George has got more labels than Selfridges. While we've loved everything he's done, it's a genuine pleasure to see him back with a tour and his first new album of original material in nearly two decades.

Talk turns, as we're prone to do these days in Gay Times, to LGBT rights in Russia. Does he agree with boycotting the Olympics?

"I'm not sure attacking Putin is the right answer. I'm not sure boycotting vodka is the answer. It's really upsetting when you see kids in Russia beating up women, kicking transvestites. It breaks my heart. What can I do? Do I not go to Russia? It's such a ridiculous idea. I've gone to Russia many times and my presence hasn't corrupted anyone. Maybe one or two! But it's very worrying. And what's most worrying is young Russian kids tweeting me really homophobic comments. It's terrifying to encounter such ignorance at such a young age and you think 'oh my God, you're just children'. I think about it a lot. Should I go to Russia? Should I not go? I get offered gigs and then think I'll consult Russian activists and ask what they think..."

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