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Gay Times November 13 - Issue 425


We asked you, our readers, to not only bare your soul but your flesh too for our new regular feature - we were inundated with people willing to strip off to show that lots of different types of people make up the gay community. Over to you...

Lewis Read 25, Reading, Television Producer

I've told my friends at work that I'm doing this and it doesn't matter if they're gay, straight, male, female, whatever, they're all like "Ooh I wanna buy that!" and I'm like, why do you want to see me naked? I probably won't tell my dad, because he doesn't need to know, but I'll tell my mum. I don't want to beef up, just tone up. It's only been the last couple of years I've got this muscle. I like my arms and my legs, it's just the middle bit that I have issues with really! I hate my hairline, I'd get a hair transplant if I could afford it. It's going and there's nothing you can do about it either.

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