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Gay Times November 13 - Issue 425


Is there room for a passion for porn in a healthy relationship? Are x-rated fans ex-boyfriends in the making? We take a hard look at the porn/partnership balance - alongside the actors who compete for your boyfriend's attention!

Sam had been living with his boyfriend for three years when he discovered his other half's penchant for porno.

"I'd been away for the weekend visiting my parents," he says, "and was on the internet uploading photos. I accidentally closed down the window I was working on and so checked the history to see if I could get the page back up. I couldn't believe what I was seeing." Among the usual visits to Facebook, Twitter and eBay, Sam found that his boyfriend had been following some other leisure pursuits. "There were tonnes of visits to porno sites," Sam explains. " I didn't want to click on them but I had to see. Some of it was just porn versions of YouTube, with the usual sex scenes and stuff, but others were quite specialised. I was surprised, to put it mildly." For Sam, it revealed a side to his boyfriend he didn't know existed, and it not only shocked him - he felt betrayed.

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