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Gay Times November 13 - Issue 425


She's a living legend, releasing her 26th studio album. And yes, it's amazing. We get closer to the truth, bitches!

Which of the young pop divas do you rate?

Well I think you can't get better than Adele. I like Gaga because I like what her songs say for the most part and I like how she presents herself. She's very creative and very strong and I respect that. I respect people who go past what anyone else has gone through.

Shame about your duet with Lady Gaga not being on the album - what happened?

Yeah but she just didn't like it, so it was never going to come out. I was sad and disappointed but artists are artists and they like something or they don't. It was definitely her choice but I'm living fine. What I was most angry about was that Woman's World was leaked and it really caused us no end of problems - this leaking thing is just a nightmare. You work really hard to try and make something nice and it was not even the right version. So that pisses me off.

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