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Gay Times October 13 - Issue 424


The new breed of out-at-school teenager...

To any LGBT person who left school more than nine years ago the explanation for delayed coming out tactics is obvious: school had to be over first. With homophobia rife among teens and Section 28 ensuring schools didn't view homophobic or transphobic bullying as a priority, or even an issue at all, why make those days intolerable for yourself? It was far better to fall out of the closet when you weren't likely to be beaten up for it and told it was your own fault. As far as the Thatcher government was concerned, gay people were invisible, unmentionable, and expected to stay that way. Most schools were happy with that arrangement.

It's easy to imagine that school life has changed little in relatively few years, but after the repeal of Section 28 in 2003, life for LGBT pupils incrementally improved, but at a faster rate than many predicted...

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