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Gay Times September 13 - Issue 423


There are more than a few similarities between Cheyenne Jackson and John Barrowman. American accents aside, they can both act, are musical theatre stalwarts, campaign tirelessly for charity and are married to men. But we doubt we'll be chatting to John en route to audition for a Clint Eastwood film like we are Cheyenne...

GT asks, Is it easier to be openly gay on the stage, screen or as a singer?

"The stage, because it's the way the community has always been. Musical theatre is a band of social misfits who perhaps don't belong anywhere else. There are no outsiders and you can be whoever you want to be. But film is more mainstream and studios have to sell these films, so if you're openly gay, (studios) think 'Gosh, this lady in Canada won't be able to imagine herself with you if she knows you're married to a man.' That's shortsighted and not giving the audience much credit. It's a challenge I face on a daily basis."

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