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Gay Times August 13 - Issue 422


Can gay men give blood? Is a civil partnership the same as marriage? Can you be 'out' in the armed forces? Can two 15-year-olds legally have sex? GT debunks the myths to bring you the definitive guide to what gay men can and cannot do in 2013.

YOU CAN have outdoor sex...

but only if you're not caught, and cottaging in places like public toilets is a legal no-no. "Sexual activity in a public toilet is explicitly a criminal offence," warns Chris Ashford, Reader in Law and Society at the University of Sunderland. "And a public toilet is defined as any toilet the public have access to, so it could be in your place of employment, college or university. Other spaces such as fields and parks depend on whether it is likely someone might come upon the scene and not like what they see. If that's the case, you could be committing a criminal offence. Gay saunas on the other hand are legal."

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