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Gay Times July 13 - Issue 421


The new Superman is getting us seriously hot under the collar, especially with those shots of his skin-tight suit. Ahead of the reboot, we chatted with the man of steel himself, Henry Cavill.

This doesn't seem to be the same Superman we've seen before, so what's the biggest difference?

"I think the main difference between previous incarnations of Superman and this one if this is very much based in reality. It's a human story about how difficult it must be for this being. Feeling so alone, having no idea what he is, who he is and why he is, and the compassion that is given to him by his parents. It's difficult enough to have a child who is being bullied and they don't understand why and they're upset, but to be so extremely different and to feel so alien, without actually knowing you are an alien, to your peers, would be horrifying and scary. The connection to his parents, who look after him and understand him and help him to understand, even though they don't understand themselves, is incredibly powerful."

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