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Gay Times Summer 13 - Issue 420


GT meets Matt Damon and Michael Douglas to talk all things kitsch for the gayest movie of the year. Based on the book about Scott Thorson's relationship with Liberace, this film, with music by Liberace and Marvin Hamlisch, tells the story of a deep relationship between two men, an ageing star and his younger love, at a time when such unions were not recognised. And it's also a lot of fun.

Mr Douglas, how did you get into character? This is a big personality you're playing, but you don't want to overdo it...

"Well, there's a tremendous amount of clips and films that certainly give you a sense, an idea, and working from the other end there is the great Richard LaGravenese screenplay, which set the structure for everything. But there's a lot of repetition involved. It's basically a repetition process of looking at a lot of stuff and finding that balance between knowing you're not an impersonator, you're not going to ever be exactly like Liberace, and trying to find the balance that makes you comfortable, makes Steven secure, and makes myself attractive to Matt [laughs]"

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