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Gay Times Summer 13 - Issue 420


Have you ever had sex with a transgender person? We're talking trans men, people born with female bodies who transition to male. Perhaps you think you don't know any. Perhaps you think you can always tell. Perhaps you think you'd never fancy someone who was born physically female. Or - perhaps - you do, you can't and you already have.

"Some ten years ago now a friend asked me how I would react if I found myself in an intimate relationship with someone whom I then discovered to be a trans male who had not had surgery," says Chris, who describes himself "as near to a Kinsey Six as you can get." The idea had been planted: "I'd got to know a number of trans people and had met several trans men, some of whom I found very attractive. One of them in particular clearly liked me." What about the physical aspects though? "As I have explored the idea more and got to know more trans people, my concern with anatomy has faded." It hasn't gone altogether, he says, but "what seemed at first a big barrier is now probably more like a trip hazard."

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