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Gay Times Summer 13 - Issue 420


Men who have sex with men are gay, right? Not necessarily. And they might not even be bi either. GT meets two straight men who love gay sex but don't identify with being homosexual.

Rob, 34, has been with his girlfriend for six years. But she has no idea her business analyst boyfriend has been sleeping with men since he was a teenager.

"None of my friends know I lost my virginity to a gay man. I was at university and on work experience at a local TV station when it happened. Til then I was one of the lads and never thought of blokes like that until one of the male studio engineers took a shine to me. It was obvious he was gay and kept flirting with me but I was surprised it didn't make me uncomfortable - I really liked the attention. One night we went out for a beer got pissed and I ended up at his flat sharing a bed with him. From then on it happened pretty regularly, and we started a kind of relationship. Not the sex part but being together with another guy."

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