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Gay Times June 13 - Issue 419


Hey Mister DJ. As Blue prepare to launch an assault on the charts for the second time, GT asks you to all rise for an all-new Duncan James. And boy, does he look great in his pants.

Physically, Duncan’s transformation in the years between is amazing – he’s both bulked up and inked up and his face looks flawless. He’s also happy to talk all things Blue, all things Eurovision and all things bi! “I was 22 when I had my first gay experience…I’d become really good friends with this guy and then I looked at him dancing on stage one night and I realised I really liked him. A couple of months later we hooked up. But afterwards I had massive amounts of guilt; almost like wishing it’d never happened.” Although Duncan is still sexually attracted to women, he admits his gay side is more prevalent. “I sill enjoy having sex with girls, I find women attractive. But over the years it’s been less and less relationships with girls. So I understand that saying, ‘Bi now, gay later’. But it’s 2013 and there’s nothing wrong in being open with your sexuality.”

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