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Gay Times May 13 - Issue 418


It's been 20 years since Beautiful Thing premiered at London's Bush Theatre. Back then few people had heard of playwright Jonathan Harvey and fewer still could have predicted the cultural impact his love story would make, The show was a hit and a film followed: If you're over 25, you've probably seen it - if you're under, you should.

Jonathan Harvey on how much the world has changed since the play was set 20 years ago...

"You didn't have the internet. There was no access to gay things if you didn't live on Old Compton Street. And so many of us, seeing Gay Times in the newsagents was just like, I don't know, a bar of gold flowing, sort-of shining in the dark as it was the only sort of access point, I suppose, to learn about this other world, this gay world of Club Copacabana and glamorous things in London. So, in the play it's when Jamie's exploring his sexuality and thinks he's gay, the first thing he does is he gets this Gay Times and he hides it under his bed."

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