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Gay Times May 13 - Issue 418


Meet the cast of Daran Little's new gay show Kitten Chic. We love it when good guys go gay. While Lucien Laviscount and Jon-Paul Bell may only share a peck on the lips in Kitten Chic, we have high hopes they'll go a lot further if it becomes a series. Lucky old GT spent an afternoon locked away in a hotel bedroom with Lucien, Jon-Paul and a bottle of vodka to discuss why they love gay attention and the pitfalls of life after Celebrity Big Brother.

"It was a wicked show to be part of," says Lucien. "The script was hilarious and I really wanted the part because there are so many twists and turns. I've played gay a couple of times before and it's never a problem. In some shows if you're playing gay you have to act in an obvious way. But I've got a lot of friends who you wouldn't know if they were gay or straight. And in the end, who gives a fuck? It doesn't matter. It's great to play that kind of person; you can have so much more fun when sexuality isn't obvious and you keep people thinking 'is he really fully gay or is he going to sway?' I get a kick out of messing with viewers' emotions."

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