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Gay Times March 13 - Issue 416


“It’s very hard to describe what it feels like, all them emotions. Proud, overwhelmed, shocked. My dream had come true. It’s something I’d been working on for 13 years. I’d given it my life, dedicated my life to it – all for one moment, really; every step of the way, that learning curve, for one tournament. Because no matter what tournament I win in the world, it means nothing; to win at the Olympics means everything. That’s how it is.”

From pop stars to television stars to theatre stars and back again: at this point, half the UK entertainment industry has stripped off in the name of charity for these hallowed pages. Or, if you’re reading digitally, make that your (we hope) highly-pixelated and zoomable screen. But a Gold medal-winning Olympic athlete? That’s got to be a first. Amateur boxing extraordinaire Luke Campbell, we salute you.

“I cried a few times – loads to be honest with you,” recalls the 24-year-old of his historic win on 11 August 2012, which saw him become the first bantamweight British boxer to win Olympic gold since 1908. As he speaks in his soft Yorkshire diction, his eyes seem to gloss over again, and I feel my heartstrings being tugged – you’ve got to love a guy who’s in touch with emotions...

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