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Gay Times January 13 - Issue 414

Geri Halliwell


Coming down on the Brits when I came as a solo artist, between two legs. I was thinking about that, ‘I am kind of a gay man trapped in a female body’. I’m sure Madonna’s already said that but I would say that was quite a moment of gayness.

The Bag It Up video – very gay.

Dancing on the back of Chico Latino with all of those blokes – very gay. I always think about the gay boys. I always bring some nice cute dancers to look at for the girls and the guys. I’m an inclusive unifying person, I’d like to think.

Is singing to Prince Charles a gay moment? Happy birthday? In that big dress that was very Liz Taylor. See, I’m all about the big dress. I can’t help it, I like the whole princess thing. I love being a girl.

Maybe my red carpet attire will be the gayest thing ever, for Viva Forever. Maybe. I’m planning it out, I’m thinking about it.

Actually I go to the Shadow Lounge. Put that in, I really like it. They play actually very good music.

I know my gayest moment – I released G.A.Y [sings] everybody, come on let’s get G A Y…[stops singing] come on, it doesn’t mean happy. That’s gay.

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