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Gay Times November 12 - Issue 412

Oh Brother!

Is it immoral to put gay twin brothers in hardcore porn, or just really, really hot? Judge for yourself, as GT meets Luca and Liam Rosso, the identical twins who are breaking boundaries and creating a storm in porn.

When GT put Playing It Straight’s twin twinks Sam and Ben Allen on our July cover, our Twitter feed and inbox were bursting at the seams with messages of universal approval.
In case we hadn’t guessed already, it became pretty clear pretty quickly that many of us enjoy lusting over a pair of twins.
But twins who are prepared to take it a step further than Ben and Sam and carve a career in gay porn are a rare commodity. However, Luca and Liam Rosso, stars of films like Brother Fuckers and Spitting Image: Twin Trouble, are determined to become the go-to guys for all your twin fantasies.
The 23-year-old Americans are best friends and still live in their hometown, a small village complete with white picket fences and end-of-the driveway mailboxes in provincial Texas. They’re extreme long distance runners who spend hours a day working on their bodies.
But none of their friends – and only a select few family members – know that in the adult film world, they’re hot property.
Unusually, both brothers aren’t gay. Luca is, but Liam is straight. And while Luca only tops, it’s his heterosexual brother who bottoms.
“I thought it would be fun and of course the money sure is nice,” Liam tells GT. “I don’t find it difficult to have sex with a man even though I’m not gay. I just go into my head and my mind is really dirty, so it works for me. The only advice Luca gave to me was to ‘have fun.’”
And since they made their first appearance on screen just last year, fun is exactly what they’ve been enjoying. They first sprang to fame with a scene for Fratmen, although they don’t appear too proud of it. (“It’s not very memorable,” says Liam dismissively, “Watch Brother Fucker instead.”)
Sam and Ben admitted to us that while they model together, that’s as far as they’ll ever go. “I don’t even know what Ben’s penis looks like,” squealed Sam in disgust. “Once we went through puberty it was all about getting changed under towels. And I’d never want to see Ben’s cum face.”
However, Liam and Luca don’t have a problem with mutual nudity. Or for that matter, watching each getting down and dirty in hardcore sex scenes.
“It means nothing to us,” admits Liam. “It’s nothing different from what we grew up with. We’ve seen each other naked a million times.
“Everything about us is identical, not just our looks. Our speech patterns, our voices, even our cum shots.”
Luca adds: “The most wild time we’ve had is when I’m doing a train and my straight twin is in front getting rammed and I’m fucking the guy in the back – that was so hot. But we really want to be in a bisexual scene together.”

Words John Marrs

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