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Gay Times November 12 - Issue 412

Danny D

Danny D has one of the biggest names (and cocks) in British porn. Better known to us gays as Matt Hughes, the 25 year-old north Londoner with the skinny frame and the massive member has been one of the most popular guys to get your rocks off too for a few years now, and has developed a loyal following from his appearances on Englishlads, Blake Mason and other home-grown porn producers.

But what you might not realise (I certainly didn’t when I was ‘admiring’ his work) is that Danny is straight and put his career in gay porn on hold three years ago to concentrate on making straight porn.
Danny’s story starts when he was 18 and on a boys’ holiday in Germany. “At the time I was really shy, and I couldn’t use the urinal. I went to have a piss and a buddy saw my cock.” This buddy realised there was ‘something different’ about Danny’s penis and told the rest of the group. These friends spent the duration of the holiday asking to see Danny’s member, and told him that he should consider a career as “a porn star, dildo model or modelling underwear.”
For the then labourer this was news as he says he didn’t realise that he was blessed in the trouser department. I put it to him that surely the girls he’d slept with up until then must’ve remarked upon it, but he says that he thought when they complimented him “it was the same thing they said to any guy they’d slept with.”
After giving the idea some thought he started applying to different straight porn producers and distributors, but as a skinny white boy, no one wanted to know. His first foray into porn was something very amateur, sleeping with a woman while her husband filmed.
Even though he was shy, and he says he still feels uncomfortable naked “because I’m so skinny”, he’s able to divorce himself from this when he’s performing, as he thinks “no one’s looking at me, they’re looking at my cock.”
He’s very pragmatic when we’re talking, saying that he was getting on and doing his job, in the same way that anyone else being paid to do a job would get on with it.
In spite of the DIY nature of the production Danny found the experience went well, and shortly after he was introduced to Nick who runs Danny was offered double what he was earning for filming a straight film just to have a wank, and from this Matt Hughes came into being.
So how, as a straight man, was Danny able to overcome some of the mechanical difficulties that can result from attempting to sleep with someone he wasn’t physically attracted to? Danny’s actually very cagey about giving the answer up. The truth is that during shoots there would be straight porn running on a laptop in the corner so when Danny did lose his erection he could massage himself back into action. He’s seems cagey not for himself, but for his fans, knowing that the façade was a fantasy many of them enjoyed.
He admits to not enjoying the time he bottomed. “My mindset was professional on that day. I was going into work to do a job. I tried to think I was being adventurous, but the real incentive was in building my profile.”
There’s a sense that Danny wasn’t entirely sure who or what he was when he started appearing as Matt. “I had a girlfriend at the time, but I wasn’t sure whether I was gay or straight. I just wanted to know. I thought that if I realised I was gay I could’ve been the greatest gay porn star that’s ever lived.”

Words Andrew Gonsalves

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