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Gay Times October 12 - Issue 411

Carly Rae Jepsen

Undoubtedly the song of 2012, Call Me Maybe has been lipsynched to within an inch of its life. NOW Carly’s teamed up with Owl City for the follow up single Good Time, with an album about to drop at the end of September...

Have you ever heard Call Me Maybe in a gay club?
Well, to be honest I haven’t been out clubbing very much lately but I do have some friends in Vancouver and they have said they heard it there so that was kind of exciting.
The gays go mental for it.
Yeah. They jump around EVERYWHERE.
That’s fantastic news I’m happy to hear it.
Watching the video made us wonder, do you get hit on by gay guys? [Laughs] I have to say that the experience has never happened to me before, but I do know a girlfriend of mine who had the exact same thing happen.
She must love the song.
Yes she does, she kind of laughs. She thinks I did it about her [laughs] but I didn’t .
Do you have a gay best friend?
Brandon Hamilton (@BrandoHamilton), he used to live in Vancouver and he is an exercise, what do you call that? Personal trainer.
Will he help you train for touring?
Yeah, he always gives me tips. He’s on my ass about it [laughs].
You’ve had a lot of celebrity support (see endless YouTube covers), have you ever been star struck?
Definitely, there’s a lot of people I get starstruck by. I have a big girl crush on Feist and I met her just last month and it was hard to actually, like, make sound escape my mouth when I tried to talk to her.
You’ve moved from folk to pop, how did that come about?
It was sort of a natural progression. My parents were really kinda into folky folk music and I really enjoyed it myself and it wasn’t until I moved to the city that I started to listen to Robyn and Dragonette and enjoyed going out dancing, that I had a bit more of a taste for pop.
Electro pop music is often criticised for being ‘soulless’, how do you overcome that?
Well for me I mean it has to be words – I think Call Me Maybe is simply just a fun song. But there are other songs that I have written that have different colours and flavours to them and for me I think it’s about the words just being honest, words are very important to me. I think it’s good to know that I mean what I say.

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