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Gay Times September 12 - Issue 410

Danny Denkmayer

Reality TV, films, stage and now modelling – is there anything Playing It Straight’s Danny Denkmayer can’t do? The Essex boy tells GT why being rejected for his sexuality has only made him stronger

For a man who’s just been mugged, Danny Denkmayer is looking pretty darned good.
The night before he sits down with GT, a man trying to steal his bag smacked him over the head and back with a skateboard in Leicester Square. Four hours in A&E followed and now the injuries are beginning to show.
“I’ve got this bruise on my forehead,” he explains, pointing to a Harry Potter-esque red mark, “and this one on my shoulder. But I’m lucky as it could have been a lot worse.”
It’s another story to add to the complex but brief life of the 21-year-old Essex boy.
Since finding fame as one of the contestants on e4’s reality show Playing It Straight, the former hairdresser has acted in a Richard Curtis film, is about to take to the stage in a play and has become the face – and crotch – of underwear label Lick.
“Modelling underwear is quite an intimate thing,” he explains. “You’re either a shower or a grower. And when I’m nervous or its cold, I’m not packing out much, so I’m more of a grower. It’s annoying because that’s great for the bedroom but shit for photoshoots!”
We don’t think Danny has much to worry about in that department. Or any other department for that matter. Because his shy yet cheeky personality has already got him this far – that and the fact he’s one of the most grown-up 21-year-olds we’ve met in a long time. And much of that has come with him being comfortable with his sexuality.
“My first crush was a piano teacher at primary school,” he recalls, “but we were told at school it’s normal for boys to have crushes on boys, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s all part of growing up.

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Words: John Marrs
Photo: Joe McCormick, Style Editor Dennis Maloney, Grooming by Natalie James, Makeup using MAC Pro and Avène.

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