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Gay Times August 12 - Issue 409

Dan Keatings

At only 22, Dan Keatings is the face of things to come – in gymnastics at the very least. Like a fairly regular young man, he loves watching Liverpool play (he thinks Brendan Rodgers is a step in the right direction for the team) and nipping to the cinema when he can. It’s curious to think that this Playstation fanatic is, at the time of writing, one of Team GB’s Olympic hopefuls. Recovering from an ankle injury that kept him out of the European Championships, Dan has got back on the pommel horse and continued training for the massive challenges ahead.

Initially reserved, Dan warms up discussing his training regime and how he comes to perfect those dazzling routines. He trains for six days a week with Saturdays off. “Which is pretty intense,” he laughs, “but in terms of training your recovery is just as important as well. You have to refuel your muscles and refuel your body.”
Speaking of refueling, Dan manages to sneak in an early shout out to one of his sponsors.
“You have to eat the right food, eat a lot of protein. I use a product called Maximuscle to get added protein intake and the extra performance drinks in training to keep my hydration levels up and keep energy up as well.”
Nicely done. Though we can’t help think he should just give in and gorge on a kebab now and then. Dan laughs, “I do sometimes, after a major event like the World Championships or the European Championships, I let my hair down a little bit and eat some rubbish food as you might say. Just to chill out and then it’s pretty much just straight back on the diet.”
His discipline certainly shows. Having seen the results of his strict regime, we broach the subject of his magnificent body, and the amount of attention it must bring him. He’s fairly nonchalant about it all.
“I’m not too fussed about it really. Obviously it’s great to have a good body, I’m happy with it.” We certainly agree, we would be too. “That’s the same with all the other gymnasts as well. That’s the great thing about being a gymnast you get a great body. I don’t really get embarrassed; I take a lot of compliments.” After having just paid him a few ourselves we’re sure he does.

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Words: Joshua Hammond

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