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Gay Times June 12 - Issue 406

Kirk Norcross

Kirk Norcross is experiencing a religious epiphany.

He hasn’t seen the light and turned his back on the reality TV career that made him a star. Nor is he making out cheques with too many zeros to Kabbalah or the Scientologists. No, it’s something as simple as a pair of black drop crotch trousers GT’s asked him to wear that’s leaving him in a state of holy euphoria.

“Man, I feel like Jesus in these!” he yells, bouncing around the studio.

Kirk has plenty of disciples willing to worship at the Temple of Norcross. But aside from his fetish for clothes and an extensive wardrobe that could make David Beckham weep tears of envy, he has another passion. Kirk loves to have sex. And we mean an awful lot of sex.

“I’m so sexual it’s ridiculous and it’s always been that way,” he begins. “I’ve always found it pretty easy to pull a bird, but since Celebrity Big Brother and The Only Way Is Essex, I still get the same amount, but the class of girls is better. If I have a girlfriend, I’ll have sex with her probably six times a day, maybe even 10.”

From the moment he bounds into our studio, no one is safe from the twinkle in Kirk’s sparkling baby blue eyes. He’s a walking testosterone timebomb, unable to control his Tourette’s-like flirting. Even our photographer’s assistant blushes when he asks to sleep with her so she can report back on how good he is in bed. He may be kidding, but you know that had she given him the nod, his bedpost would have been in danger of being turned into kindling from yet another notch.
“I love to flirt with men or women, although I’m no fucking good at it,” he admits, a little embarrassed yet accepting of his voluminous hormones. “I just like making myself feel awkward. I grew up in a thuggish area with no money, but I had a pretty face for a kid living somewhere like that. So it wasn’t hard for me to get sex. I was 15 when I lost my virginity in a park behind a container on a slanted two-legged table. I didn’t have a clue what to do. But from then I’d have it where and when I could. Even behind a bus stop was romantic.

“I’ve been portrayed as a person who hasn’t got much respect for women, but I have loads of it. However, if a girl treats me like a prick, I’ll treat her like a prick.

“But in the end, my Jack the Lad attitude is all just a front. I’m actually not confident at all.”

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