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Gay Times June 12 - Issue 406

Frankie Cocozza

It’s nice to be remembered.

When Frankie Cocozza makes his way around the room, politely greeting everyone, he eventually gets to yours truly – skulking in the corner – and gives a wicked grin. “Ahh, we’ve met before! How’s it going?”

Now that’s quite a feat, considering everything that Frankie’s gone through since we first chatted back at the X Factor studios in November.

And while it’s nice for us to be remembered, it’s maybe not so nice for Frankie, given the harsh reaction to his much-publicised departure from the ITV talent show after breaking a ‘golden rule’.
So what we’re really saying is that it’s nice to be remembered positively. And perhaps Frankie doesn’t really have that luxury.

But ever since he first appeared on The X Factor – and that blurred out tattooed arse shot did the rounds – we’ve had people contacting us asking us to do a shoot with him. And who are we to deny you? Especially after he recently came second in Celebrity Big Brother.

He stands around, sans shirt, munching on a chicken and bacon sandwich while we chat. He laughs when I mention this is somewhat disconcerting.

“I just get excited when I get asked to do any sort of shoot, if I’m being honest,” he says when asked what goes through his head when he’s asked to get his kit off for The Gays. “Shows people are interested, which is good.”
He says that he hasn’t really noticed any gay attention, and laughs again. “No, had loads of fellas on Twitter and that, when I was on, and stuff like that. But, I dunno, it’s nice if there is though.”

Hang on, don’t all X Factor contestants do a turn at G-A-Y?

“No, I didn’t, I weren’t allowed to, and that’s the one I proper wanted to do as well because I went to The Risk and the crowd were actually unreal, unreal, it was the biggest crowd as well. But, if I went, no-one would probably turn up, but it did seem good.”

So, why Big Brother?

“Well, I got offered quite a decent amount of money, and I didn’t know whether I was going to get any chance to earn money like that or anything. When I came out of X Factor I didn’t think I was gonna get any work, at all, so then when they said it I was like yeah, fuck it.”

Does he feel in a way kind of pleasantly vindicated, having come second?

“Um, I didn’t wanna go in there and change people’s opinions who jumped on the bandwagon after reading a couple of headlines. Like, they didn’t know me or anything so I just thought if they wanna be pricks and jump on the headlines then I don’t wanna change their opinion. I literally just went in there and was just myself.”

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