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Gay Times May 12 - Issue 405

Matt Cardle

‘On my way to a photoshoot, this should be interesting,’ Tweets a nervous Matt Cardle en route to meet GT for the first time.

What on earth could be bothering the most laid-back man in pop? After all, this is the man who survived the cutting comments of Simon Cowell in 2010’s X Factor; who saw his debut album go platinum and all but dry-humped Rihanna on stage in front of 20 million viewers.
It turns out that when it comes to boxes being ticked, Matt has just one left. And it’s giving him the jitters.
Being surrounded by bulging biceps and abs so tight you could play them like a xylophone is all in a day’s work for GT. In fact, if we stretched the amount of naked men we’ve shot in our 404 issues we’d probably reach the moon. But Matt’s a newbie when it comes to flashing the flesh.
“I’m not vain but being in the public eye has made me way more self conscious,” he begins. “I look in the mirror now more than I did before. Every day someone wants to have a photograph with me. So I think ‘do I look alright?’ I don’t want a fan having their picture with someone who looks pale and hungover. I realised I needed to look my best all the time.”
The Matt sitting before us having his hair tweaked and his skin moisturized by our stylist is a million miles away from the shabby painter and decorator who ambled on the X Factor auditions’ stage in August 2010. ‘I’m a bit of a bum if I’m honest,’ he told the panel of Simon, Louis and Cheryl (Dannii was off ill) before blowing them away with You Know I’m No Good. ‘But I’m here to do my level best.’
And for the next 12 he did more than that. With his boy/sexy handyman-next-door looks and a voice that could make the devil weep tears of joy, it’s Matt’s inability to recognise that he’s an attractive guy that’s immediately endearing.
“I had a spray tan for this shoot,” he confesses almost guiltily. “I’ve had my teeth whitened and I keep myself nice and tidy with the clippers. I go all the way and keep myself very, very tidy – when I can’t see Little Matt, it’s time for a trim.”

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Words John Marrs

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