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Gay Times May 12 - Issue 405

Tom Daley

This year you’re going to smell like you’ve rubbed up against Tom Daley.

The 17-year-old, numerous medal-winning Olympic diver, is the face – and body – of a special edition Adidas range of toiletries for men, with more Union Jack up front than Geri Halliwell.
There are five fragrances in the range, though Ice Dive is the one associated with Tom. It’s described as ‘a masculine ozonic fragrance with notes of fresh mint, amber and woods’.
And that’s why, faithful reader, we find ourselves standing by a pool watching Mr Daley (in a pair of grey trackies) fooling around beside a giant ice sculpture of himself.
It’s a fleeting visit, amid concerns over his media presence overshadowing preparations for the Olympic games. Lets be honest, we’ve all seen endless photos (that we’ve had to pour over for ‘research’) of him training, and he’s still got a full school schedule – the boy’s hardly shirking his diving duties.
But it means that time for media is cut to even less than usual (no, it’s not all sitting at their homes sipping tea, contrary to belief) and Tom’s only doing one interview for the baying press, so we have to make do with nibbling on posh canapés while listening to him chat on excitedly to a lady from Sky Sports. Let’s face it, there’s worse ways to spend a Tuesday morning.

How many belly flops did it take before you knew you were really good at diving?
I’ve done many belly flops, I can tell you that. I’ve been diving 10 years now. I started when I was seven. I’ve done a fair few belly flops. Lots of bruises, lots of split skin, lots of hitting my head on the board to get to where I am now.

How gruelling a training regime do you have?
I’m training a lot at the moment actually, I’m doing 10 sessions a week. And normally the morning sessions last about two hours and the evening about three hours. And not just that as well, obviously I’m still at school so I’m doing my A-Levels so I’m kind of juggling that too.

Are you strict with your diet?
Yeah I am really strict with my diet, I have to make sure that I’m eating the right kinds of thing. My favourite food is ice cream, which is kind of one of those things I literally have to limit myself to, like ridiculously. But normally I would treat myself to an ice cream if I finish a competition. But leading into a competition I would make sure I wouldn’t have any so I that I was on peak performance. But yeah I do have to make sure that I’m eating balanced so that I’m making sure that I’m in the right kind of shape for training and got enough energy to make sure I compete well too.

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