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Gay Times March 12 - Issue 403

At Swim Two Boys

Two boys? Swimming? You know what that means – Speedos. Meet the stars of new touring gay production.

Daniel Connor

There’s a powerful section in the piece where the two boys kiss for the first time. I remember myself and Murilo being totally unaware that we would have to kiss. We had never been briefed on the matter, and it came as quite a shock. The matter of ‘The Kiss’ grew more and more awkward throughout rehearsals and the section was regularly avoided. This is something I find amusing now as I find the kiss merely a drop in the ocean when included in this massive emotional rollercoaster.
People keep asking myself and Murlio how we find the ‘acting’ side of the show. This is always something that unsettles me somewhat, I am by no means an ‘actor’. I am a dancer, a performer. For me, there is a definite difference not something I trained in.  All the laughter, tears, and general emotion that appears in At Swim Two Boys is genuine. It is totally driven by the choreography. Credit has to be given to Jim Ennis and Jessica Cohen for their clear direction. They made me ‘act’ without me even realising it.
The feedback the show has received has been truly overwhelming and almost leaves me wishing I could be an audience member for a night, just to feel this ‘atmosphere/vibe’ audiences up and down the country say they have been touched by. It even brought my 87-year-old nan to tears, and she’s a tough cookie to crumble!

Earthfall Dance Company’s UK tour of At Swim Two Boys starts at London’s Riverside Studios 7–25 February. For full tour details visit

Photo: Hugo Glendinning

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