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Gay Times January 12 - Issue 401

Backstage on The X Factor

Anyone that follows us on Twitter (and if not, why not? We’re HILARIOUS – @gaytimesmag) will know our long-standing love of all things marked with an X.

We go a little loopy for the yearly press launch (it means Christmas is coming), talk about it all the time, get carried away with a sherry or two live-tweeting it and then encourage as many of the contestants as we can to shed some clothing for us in the following months. It’s like it’s Frozen Planet and once a year we’re the Orca’s popping up to see what we can grab. So of COURSE we weren’t going to miss the opportunity to see how the magic is made and chat to/eye up the class of 2011.
Contrary to what Dermot says before famously spinning around, your Saturday night doesn’t start right here – here being ITV on an actual Saturday evening. Your Saturday night entertainment in fact starts much earlier in the week at Fountain Studios, in the not-all-that-showbizzy area of Wembley in London. There are high fences around the building, with paparazzi on ladders holding their cameras over, desperate to catch a shot of the contestants, judges and guests coming and going.
The fences have boards attached to them in order to make this task a bit harder – the boards now have years of grafitti on them, a reminder of contestants gone by (and in some cases, via a jungle to Iceland). There’s some filth about One Direction, but we swear it wasn’t us. And, like the general public, the boards are less than kind to Frankie Cocozza.

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