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Gay Times November 11 - Issue 399

Darren Criss: Absolutely Prefect

Bob Henderson met the suave Darren Criss for an exclusive chat with the man behind Glee’s head boy and fan favourite Blaine Anderson.

He waltzes into the room and firmly shakes us by the hand with an unnerving assuredness. The first thing Darren Criss says to us is: “Haven’t we met before?” Our mind races, and mentally flicks through a million drunk press launches and anonymous encounters, desperately running a faulty face recognition programme. No. We haven’t met Darren Criss before, but we’re flattered to think we might have. He is one smooth operator, though we’re not here to (unrequitedly) flirt and have to push on.
“Aw, let’s not do that. Do we have to race through this?” he says, after we’ve already gone through the possibility of having met in a previous life as pigeons. Yes we do Darren. “You know, I’m a talker. Just throw something at my head, I can really chit chat.”
Well, the question we ask ourselves every time we watch Glee is this: How does it get away with being so gay?
“I don’t think...” he begins. “I mean, that’s a very subjective question because you have to get into the whole semantic discussion of what’s gay and that stuff.” And that was where we went from casual adoration to a full-blown crush. Within minutes of meeting this boy – this man – he wants to talk semantics. We maintain our argument that for a mainstream American TV show, the content is out there in terms of gayness.
“You know what, I would disagree,” he says. “I think it’s young and fresh and has this kind of vibrancy that may have some stereotypical compartments that you would put into a gay schema, but I really don’t think that that’s exclusive to being a gay show. I honestly believe that. Maybe I’m crazy. I also grew up in San Francisco so my radar is completely different,” he laughs. We melt.

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