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Gay Times November 11 - Issue 399

Dan Gillespie Sells

He’s the handsome frontman of the most radio-friendly pop band the UK’s produced in years. And he’s an absolute gent. And - wait for it - he just happens to be gay. Jamie Tabberer goes round to The Feeling’s Dan Gillespie Sells' house to talk. About EVERYTHING

On his sexuality
“I get really offended when people say I don’t present myself as gay, because I do, and I am. You would never catch me shying away from the subject or being ashamed of it in any way. But I actually think that’s what scares journalists. They try and avoid the subject. They’re just scared of treading on toes. You know, music journalists try to do fairly light hearted interviews and they don’t necessarily want to go that deep.”

On Cathy Dennis
“She’s great. She’s brilliant. She’s wonderful. And she’s obsessed with pop music as much as I am. Cathy is an absolutely brilliant woman and a complete genius. She doesn’t often write with people, she very much writes on her own. But she’s a friend, and she likes writing with me for fun. I wrote a song with her for this album.”

On pop music
“All of the best and incredible songs were pop songs. What people don’t understand is that pop is much wider then people think it is. You know, Nevermind by Nirvana, though it’s kind of like an e-prog grunge album is actually a pop record. All the songs are three and a half minutes long, they’re radio friendly, a big rock/pop producer produced them.

On interviews
“I have a million things that I’d love to talk about but in reality what happens is I garble a load of nonsense. Not focused enough. Sophie’s brilliant at interviews. I’ve done interviews with her and she’s so concise and she’s so aware of how something may look in print hat she can just say these beautiful sentences perfectly constructed and little sound bites that do her justice and I don’t think I’m very good at doing that. Sitting on the couch with Lorraine Kelly at ten o’clock in the morning - and there’s nothing wrong with Lorraine, I love Lorraine - but I don’t feel comfortable.”

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