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Gay Times November 11 - Issue 399

Wicked: Mark Evans

He’s the Welsh tottie that never stops working. The West End male lead in Wicked, he’s releasing an album, shooting a documentary, recording a TV show – and did we mention he’s absolutely bloody lovely? Darren Scott met Mark Evans…

How does it feel stripping off for the gays?
Just like stripping off for anyone, really! Yeah, it’s cool – it doesn’t bother me.

We couldn’t help but notice your physique. How do you even get that?
I actually used to be really fat – I’d have five chocolate bars for breakfast before I went to school. As soon as I started dancing full time at 16, the weight just fell off. I go to the gym often now and, because I use to be quite big, I’m very aware of myself physically. As an actor you have to sell yourself as a product.

You mentioned dancing, didn’t you once dance with the Cheeky Girls.
Ha! They still owe me 800 quid! They went bankrupt. There wasn’t a big budget or anything but I was still shooting a pop video so I learned a lot. It was a huge top 100 hit. I was a little bit gutted that I didn’t get to do the “touch my bum” wiggle thing.

By comparison, are Rachel and Louise cheeky?
Very! They don’t wear the hot pants that the Cheeky Girls wore, though. Not to my knowledge at least. I’ve been blessed with working opposite some amazing leading ladies over the past few years but Rachel and Louise are brilliant. It’s because we’ve got really great chemistry and I really enjoy working with them.

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