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Gay Times October 11 - Issue 398

Mel C

Jamie Tabberer has a chat with the spicy popstar

Bizarrely, while prepping for my interview with the lovely Melanie C, I found myself referring to notes I’d made 15 years before. For, as a bright eyed and bushy tailed baby gay with lofty aspirations of becoming a journalist, I fantasised endlessly about interviewing the Spice Girls. Five women, who, between them, have sold 100 million records.
I found my question sheet (“Why do you likes sports so much?” “Why have you and Mel B got the same name?”) in a box in what was my boyhood bedroom, next to a dusty copy of Spiceworld, the plastic casing all but fallen apart, and a faded Sun front page with Geri’s face plastered all over it. The story? Something about the Ginger one getting a false fingernail stuck in her ear. Which shows just how obsessed I was. But as Mel agrees on the day of our chat, I wasn’t the only one.
“Very young females were our first fan base to catch our attention,” she says breezily. “Then, quite soon after, we realised there was a big gay following, a very loyal gay fan base. A fan base that will actually fight your corner regardless - god help you if you cross them!”
She laughs, before becoming serious all of a sudden, as she’s prone to do. “I think it was something we really appreciated. Being a young, female band, often in the company of men…people could maybe read the situation wrong. Five fun girls having a good time, quite outspoken. So it was lovely to have that male following where their intentions were not, you know…”
Fast-forward to 2011 and like many a 90s kid my Spice Girls obsession has petered out to a pleasant fondness. Albeit a fondness that’s stirred back to the point of obsession with the release of solo-Spice album (Melanie’s) or rumours of a reunion.
Let’s quickly get the former out of the way first. “There are no plans,” she says on the subject, probably for the thousandth time this year. “To be honest with you, I very much doubt it but I never thought it would happen the first time so you never know.”

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