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Gay Times October 11 - Issue 398


Bob Henderson has a chat with the electro pop wunderkind

It’s eerie how well Frankmusik suits the 80s look. But this is definitely 2011 (we‘re going to gloss over that Erasure album producing if you don’t mind, that’s for our next issue) and his new single and album Do It In The AM captures everything that is brilliant about the zeitgeist of early twenty-tens pop music, while still being unmistakably a Frankmusik record.

Frankmusik – aka Vince Frank – has had a turbulent life and career (he talks about the two inseparably) and who was there right from the start? The gays. Right at the end of our interview he says, “I literally wouldn’t be doing any of this if it wasn’t for the gay community”.
Our first encounter of his early punk electro was in the grotty basement of Barden’s Boudoir at Club Motherfucker. He laughs when we bring this up, and we get chatting about all the things that lead him to his move to the States and currently slick pop sound.
“I think in terms of my career,” he says, “having these sort of very bizarre early days of really massively working in the gay community and just being around very outrageous and very colourful people that really helped push my confidence in the kind of production and song writing that I wanted to do. I didn’t limit myself by genre, I didn’t limit myself by format like radio stations love to do. One day my music will transcend genre”.
It’s funny how Frankmusik has always seemed to flirt on the outskirts of every passing trend of the past five years, without ever having getting sucked into or sunk by them. The first one was arguably nu rave, which he was quick to see the pitfalls and incoherency of.
“There’s no fucking rave music!” Vince exclaims, as he frequently does when musing about music. “There’s plenty of ketamine, there was plenty of drugs, but there was no fucking rave music. The Klaxons are not rave music at all I mean you know they wore a bit of face paint but Sia from Zero7 wears fucking bejazzled face stuff and she’s not nu rave even slightly.”

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