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Gay Times September 11 - Issue 397

Lyndon Ogbourne

It’s 10am on a Monday morning. Lyndon Ogbourne grins, playfully peels off his vest and throws it at me.

It’s a hard life.
The 28-year-old actor is probably best known as bad boy (so bad, in fact, that he was nominated as Villain of the Year at the British Soap Awards) Nathan Wylde in ITV’s Emmerdale.
He couldn’t be nicer in real life – and that’s not just because he’s stripping off and throwing his clothes around.
His penchant for taking pictures of himself in not much attire and posting them on Twitter means he’s built up quite a sizeable male fanbase. In fact, mere hours after doing our shoot there are threads on internet forums with behind-the-scenes images and filthy comments aplenty. We approve.
We eventually sit down (albeit fully clothed) for a chat over lunch about his role in the touring production of Agatha Christie’s Verdict. There just isn’t enough room to print the full conversation, which descended into all kinds of smut.

Why did you start taking pictures of yourself?
It started because my girlfriend took a picture of me when we were messing around in the flat. I think it’s always quite fun to mess around like that if you’re in a loving relationship.
And now you do Q&A’s where people ask you how big your dick is!
I think I might have answered it to be honest, don’t know if I need to repeat my answer, I think that’s got to be researched. Well, what did you see today! [laughs]
It was too early for me.
I think Twitter has the great capacity to show the truth in who you are as an actor. And if you’re able to play the bastards or the corrupt characters or whatever, I think if you show the person you are it gives you more recognition when you push yourself as far away from your personality zone as you can, because I’m an actor who wants to be challenged as an actor. The characters I play and the environments I’m put into, if people know that I’m the playful guy they see on Twitter, the risqué guy who is willing to put himself out there then they can see more, and appreciate more for what I do as an actor, perhaps, I dunno, that’s my mindset. That’s my justification for being a filthbag [laughs].
What did your girlfriend say when you said you were doing a Gay Times shoot?
I think girls find it quite arousing knowing that there’s a guy posing for another guy. I think, I’ve been told, I haven’t investigated, there’s a market for straight guys pretending to be gay for camera…
Gay for pay.
Gay for pay I wouldn’t go so far as ‘gay for pay’, let’s just get that straight! But I think the girls in my world have found it quite arousing, quite appealing that I’d be in a room posing for a gay audience.

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