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Gay Times September 11 - Issue 397

REID ALL ABOUT IT - Alex Reid talks to GT about his sexuality and being hit on by men

Model and Hollyoaks actor turned celebrity cage-fighter Alex Reid talks to GT about his sexuality, being hit on by men, transvestism and fame.

Just yards away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street in the fourth storey of an old villa stands Alex Reid. He is wearing little more than a pair of socks whilst analysing test shots. This is his first cover shoot for a gay magazine. Assistants shower Alex with prepared words of reassurance like Dignity, Masculinity, Edginess, Raw Beauty. “Look” he says matter-of-factly, “You can make me into a gay fantasy - that’s fine, as long as I get to be the top, like I’m about to grab someone and show them what I’m made of. If I was a gay man then I’d definitely be a top”
Alex is a great sport and before anyone’s finished their first coffee we’ve all fallen in love with him a little bit. He learnt the words ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ only five minutes ago whilst flicking through the escort pages in July’s GT, fascination wrapped across his face: “Top? Bottom? What is all this?” Somebody explains. “Oh I see. I’ve always used the term G.T.V – Giver, Taker, Versatile”. But why would Alex know a term like this? “Oh I learnt it on Big Brother,” he turns back to the page of escorts. “So how much could I get then? A nice lad like me?” Mark who is directing today’s shoot has an idea: “Tell you what Alex, we’ll give you a free ad next month and see if you get any offers”
You once said that you’re “trisexual” and that you’ll “try anything”?
I’ve got no stigma when it comes to sex.. I find sexuality amazing, the psychology of it, what’s acceptable and what isn’t. I’m open-minded. I don’t have a problem with gay men, if you fancy someone then that’s that – I like to think I’m a liberated man and sometimes I wonder if the rest of Britain actually is or not. [Suddenly distracted] Are my socks smelly by the way, or is just me?
[Taking one of Alex Reid’s feet in my hand] No it’s fine. So Alex, have you tried sex in any of the following places – on a plane, on the beach, in a boxing ring?
Yeah, I joined the mile high club on a transatlantic flight. I’ve done it on a beach obviously, very painful though. In a boxing ring? You know what – no, I’ve never done that.
You’ve received lots of attention over your cross-dressing persona Roxanne, how did she begin?
Cross-dressing started when I was an ugly sister in a school play! Roxanne was created when I went out with the fight team boys to a School Disco themed night, three of us decided to go dressed as school girls. At first I bought Roxanne’s clothes myself, it wasn’t stylised for the press, as you can probably tell from that awful black hat. Roxanne is just fun – remember I’m an actor."

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Words: Jack Cullen.

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