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Gay Times August 11 - Issue 396

Kieron Richardson - Life, love, and coming out on live television

“I’ve had so many people say to me I’ve ruined my career because I’ve come out.” Rising actor Kieron Richardson has no regrets about telling the world he’s gay – despite a less than rapturous response from some of his peers.

“Let’s just see if I can make a difference,” sighs the Hollyoaks star, before adding with a smirk; “And in 10 years time, stick my fingers up and go ‘Fuck you!’”

It’s pretty shocking to hear. Of the many actors I’ve interviewed – the bland, the talented and let’s not forget, the closeted – this gorgeous 25-year-old is among the nicest and most fi ercely talented. He’s destined for great things. So what if he came out?

“What idiot says something like that?” I despair, cracking my knuckles. “We were having this argument at work the other day,” he adds, toying with the cotton of his fashion-forward shoot outfit, a pristinely white V neck T-shirt and maroon chinos. “A couple of people said to me if they were gay they wouldn’t come out because it’d harm their careers. It’s pathetic and I don’t agree with it.”

News of a fresh-faced soap celebrity admitting he likes boys does not require fanfare or trumpet blowing – that’s a given. Nobody’s more aware of this than Kieron by the way. To that end his GT interview marks the first time he’s spoken publicly about his sexuality since revealing it on the This Morning sofa last year.

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