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Gay Times August 11 - Issue 396

NYC - Big Apple, Bigger Equality

New York is the latest US state to legalise same-sex marriage. GT marks the occasion by looking back – and forward – at how the world’s greatest city just got a whole lot better.

In an epic move for civil rights, New York became the latest US state to legalise gay marriage on 24 June. Following years of political wrangling, the State Senate approved same-sex weddings by a majority of 33-29 at approximately 10.29pm and Governor Andrew Cuomo signed it into law less than two hours later.

The result? NYC’s gay couples can finally start to marry – just like their straight peers have since the beginning of time – from 25 July 2011.

Upon signing the bill, Cuomo said that New York had “finally torn down the barrier that prevented same-sex couples from exercising the freedom to marry and from receiving the fundamental protections that so many couples and families take for granted.” And he’s right.

The rest, as they say, is history. But that history is rich, blood-stained and as relevant now as it was in its infancy. And, for New York, that began with the infamous Stonewall riots: a watershed moment for both US and global queer rights.

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