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Gay Times July 11 - Issue 395

Chris Lilley talking bollocks.

Literally, as one of the characters in his new comedy series Angry Boys has a habit of whipping them out inappropriately when he’s having his photo taken. And this practice – known as sneaky nuts – means that Chris is in a bit of bother again.
“I’m in trouble with Facebook,” he laughs. “They do this thing where they ban you from putting up photos for seven days, well that’s the stage that I’ve reached at the moment so I’m not sure what’s going to happen next if I get busted again. Hopefully they won’t kick me out permanently.”
The reason? Fans posting pictures of their balls on his Facebook page.
“There was an article in the paper saying that school principals are really mad at me because kids at school were doing it. I’ve been swamped with Facebook photos off that. You can jump on my Facebook and see galleries of nuts, if you want to...”
He’s not exactly a stranger to controversy and complaints. The Australian multi-award winning comedian, writer and producer presents his comedy in a boundary pushing mockumentary style, born from his interest in presenting the humour of real life. Angry Boys – his first output in four years – follows on from We Can Be Heroes and the global hit Summer Heights High, except this time it’s double the number of episodes and double the characters. And as before, 36-year-old Chris plays all the lead roles. This, he explains, is why it’s taken so long to reach our screens.
“Because I do it all on my own. I write everything by myself. I do everything, so obviously I’m in every scene of the show, I’m directing it, producing it. It’s a real long shoot. I took about a bit over a year to write the show, I don’t talk to anyone about the show while I’m writing it so it’s not like I have a team or anything, it’s a very small team of people I work with. And then I’ve been editing the show for a year as well. The nature of the way we shoot it – we shoot so much material so it takes a long time to piece it all together. It’s sort of weirdly like making a documentary where there’s so many options and you’re kind of re-telling the story in the edit. And we did some shooting in Tokyo and LA so that added a bit more time.”
But has he pushed those boundaries too far this time? I mention that when we last spoke, for a rare interview regarding Summer Heights High, Chris was concerned that I’d take him to task for using the word homo.
“Yes. That’s what the kids are saying,” he says pointedly.

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