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Gay Times July 11 - Issue 395

Kathy Griffin.

There are two ginger women we’re obsessed with at the moment

One of them is obviously Nicola Roberts, whose debut single we’ve been hammering in the office. The other is 50-year-old American funny woman Kathy Griffin.
If you follow the gaytimesmag twitter, you will undoubtedly be aware of our tireless six month campaign to get her to do a stand up show in the UK. We begged, made coupons (one of you returned it, signed, bless you) and retweeted until our prayers were answered. She will be in London on 19 June, proving there is a god, not that he had anything to do with it. Kathy Griffin has yet to get her fame hungry claws into the UK’s public consciousness, though not for lack of trying. We suggest you put a few hours aside and brush up with a copy of a celebrity US magazine and start youtubing her shows like 50 And Not Pregnant and She’ll Cut A Bitch. They are time absorbingly addictive, as is watching an episode of her reality show My Life In On The D-List. It turns into watching three, like a child given a jar of sweets unsupervised and told to just take one. We had some fleeting phone time with our favourite comedian (really, the whole ‘ienne’ suffix for a female stand up? Some comedians are women. Get over it.) and there really is only one way you could greet Kathy Griffin. The same way she greets her audiences. With a “How the fuck are you?!”
The sharp response is straight down to business. “Oh I’m very fucking excited about seeing you and making people laugh.”
And we – the gays, the gay times, one particular gay times writer – cannot wait to laugh at her. It’s love met with love.
Kathy launched her attack on the British press with a declaration that she wanted to cause an international incident while in the UK. We were thinking some kind or publicity terrorism, she was thinking walkies.
“well,” she says, “I like to troll the streets, kinda like Spongebob.” Atleast we think she said Spongebob. She could have said any number of American celebrities we’ve never heard of. But we were on a timer, and let her gag disappear in a cloud of international phone hiss.
“So I actually like to walk around a lot and try to get anything resembling a local feel. Because I like when you’re visiting a city and you do something a little less touristy.”
Kathy has a very American view of the UK, harbouring a fond but gently mocking Anglophilia, with a slightly distorted view of what to expect.
“I think the London gays will probably drink a little bit more,” she says, “because you Europeans see it as more of an evil carb. I’m hoping for some more fashion forward looks. I decided that some of the London gays are so fashion forward that they just... fall down.” Those kinds of gays are usually falling into a K hole, but she’s playing at the home of Priscilla The Musical, so hopefully won’t experience them.
“I’d like to see a gay Austin Powers, walking down Carnaby street. I’ll keep a look out.”
Stranger things have happened. Last time she was accosted by tramps (and Graham Norton). But what about Kathy’s own fashion forward moments?
“Oh, I’ve had many. I’ve been on the worst dressed list more than Paula Abdul and Bjork combined. But probably if I’m photographed and I wasn’t going to a dressy event, I’m in the worst dressed list because I’m in PJ bottoms and a sweatshirt. I would say that’s fashion forward. Because some day we’re gonna realise that that is what we should all do. Walk around in a t-shirt and pyjama bottoms. I’m going to rock the couture world with that aim.”
With her banging bikini body, which she is always asked about and always replies with “I’m hungry”, she could pull it off. It does makes you wonder though, with her tour habit of tweeting her teatime treats.
“Anyone following my twots on twitter will know that sometimes I use twitter as a food GPS,” she says, “I put it out there like ‘I’m gonna be at this place in twenty minutes and I want grilled cheese’ its pretty amazing.”
We suggest Whimpy on a whim then asked her what’s the worst thing she’s ever eaten.
“Well the obvious answer is, of course, a funky load. But that’s a little too far. I will have to go with salty balls.”

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