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Francois Sagat

Our future husbear

Porn stars are, by their trade, made on their looks. You take one look at Francois Sagat and either shrug with nonchalance and a slight wince, or get ticking boxes. Hairy, muscled, tanned, nice cock, nice arse, nice tits, nice arms. Tick, tick, tick. These are all nice things, but they don’t explain the enduring success of Mr Sagat, especially as he ‘gave up’ porn over a year and a half a go. It’s as much to do with what he does outside of porn, and that cheeky smile that can flash through his beard, dispelling a knitted brow and serious fucking face.
When we spoke to him, he was initially apologetic for his English and laying it on with a trowel, drawled, “Sorreeeee for my fronsh ack-sont”. Oh Francois. There really is no need. Though his English is indeed a little broken (like Britain then) it is endearingly cute, so we’ll keep it in where necessary.
He was signed exclusively to Titanmen and even though he doesn’t do porn shoots anymore, he still represents them and they have a good working relationship together. Without the porn roles, it would be tempting to consider Francois as forging heading with a career into mainstream acting, having starred in L.A. Zombie, Saw VI, and French arthouse film, Homme au Bain (Man in Bath).
“This is not my main goal actually, I didn’t have any, not so much proposition right now to tell you the truth and it was fine because I wasn’t expecting that. I’m not an actor, I think. I’m not good at acting. I think I have not so much experience in that, so I don’t want to pretend to check everything with acting.”
Maybe that’s why Bruce LaBruce has cast him (in film and in art instillations) as a zombie. “Well, it was not acting! It was more like screaming or giving sounds. I don’t consider myself an actor.”
Come on, how many people can put the Saw franchise on their CV?
“Aaf!” he laughs, “but still, it was like 15 seconds! In reality I don’t pretend that I’m doing so much acting, it’s a bit weird. Maybe the image is strong enough? I can’t tell you. I never really had the experience to speak more than ten minutes in a film.”
Okay, we get it. Francois doesn’t act. And he wasn’t ever under the illusion that his porn films were acting either. Which we asked him.
“Nooooo…” he lets out a husky noise like he was breathing out the word. “Performer was the right word for that. Them giving real emotions in your face, stuff like this? It could be too exaggerated.” There are certain words that sound so much better in a French accent, and icks-ash-urr-ett-id is one of them.

Words: Bob Henderson
Photo: Titan Media /

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