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Gay Times June 11 - Issue 393


The pop twins and you've never seen them before, interviewed by Jamie Tabberer

“We’re both really clever,” says John Grimes, one half of Jedward, perhaps the most loved AND hated act to come out of The X Factor. Ever. “We’re, like, the next Einsteins.” Not so much.

But don’t write them off. Convincing you there’s more than meets the eye to John and his identical twin Edward, the most ridiculed spawn of the TV talent show since, erm, Eoghan Quigg the year before, was never going to be easy. It’s the day of their GT fashion shoot, their first with the gay press, and at first it seems little has changed since the Dubliners’ first audition almost two years ago. There’s bickering, mischief and they struggle to take direction from the photographer. But then something just falls into place. From the very first frame onwards, my jaw drops to the floor, cartoon-style. The Jedward effect hits me.

Strip away the usual bells and whistles - silly hairstyles, garish music, Louis Walsh grinning in the background - and suddenly Jedward maintaining a career long into the future seems feasible. As models. They wear clothes incredibly well and they know it: these two are categorically not stupid. They flawlessly accentuate their porcelain skin and jutting cheekbones, not to mention their lithe, slight bodies, the kind that are always in vogue. Stood side by side they’re intensely, bizarrely beautiful - and yes, it’s all kind of wrong.

As shot after sensational shot of the coquettish pair fills the computer screen, I note how expertly they work the camera, walking the tightrope of innocence verses sexuality that their idol Britney pioneered. Infuriating, then, that in reality their sexualities are completely inscrutable, in true Peter Pan style.

Aah, the subject of sexuality. When at last the chance comes to approach it; the moment a break occurs in their zigzagging streams of consciousness (“We got a new parrot and Perez wanted us to call it Perez and so we called it Perez …” says John of his new pet and Twitter BFF Perez Hilton), I gently do so. How can I not? They’re representing Ireland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest for after all. With a song called Lipstick. They’re destined to be the campest thing in it… and does urban myth not dictate that at least one twin’s always gay?

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