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Gay Times June 11 - Issue 393


America's last great Golden Girl talks exclusively to GT.

It’s not many 89-year-olds who get to pose for their own calendar surrounded by hunky young men oiled and stripped to the waist.
And it’s not many 89-year-olds that are starring in their own comedy, with another show in the pipeline, a movie script and a book deal.
But then Betty White isn’t just any 89-year-old. She’s showbiz royalty, a gay icon, a world famous comedienne.....but call her any of those things and she goes all bashful.
What she does admit to - with a twinkle in her eye - is an enduring appreciation of men, a liking for a cheeky before dinner cocktail and to being “the luckiest broad in the world”.
After 63 years in showbusiness she is currently working harder than ever and ironically her image is cooler than ever. Before Christmas Betty White Calendars were taking pride of place in trendy Kitson LA and the last surviving Golden Girl epitomises everything that is campy retro chic.
Yet mention the idea that her career is having a “resurgence” and there is a flash of feistiness.
“Everybody says resurgence but I’ve not been away,” she says. “I have been working steadily for 63 years maybe not in the UK that much but I started in 1949 and I’ve been working ever since.”
The mention of her calendar gets her giggling like a naughty school girl. The picture shows her glammed up to the nines, reclining on a pool side sun lounger surrounded by
three topless beefcakes in their pants ready to do her bidding.
“It wasn’t the worst duty in the world to work with men who look like that, I had a lot of fun.”
And the suggestion that she might have been involved in the audition process to hand pick the hunks brings on more chuckles.
“They didn’t ask me to help them choose the young men but I would have been happy to go for it.”

The full interview appears in the latest issue of GT

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