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Gay Times June 11 - Issue 393

Mike Munich

Jamie Tabberer meets one of Lady Gaga's backing dancers, rah rah ooh la la.

I don’t doubt many of you have a lot in common with Mike Munich. And I’m not just talking sexual preference. I know I do - albeit not bodily commitments (he’s twice the size of me). What we do share, though, is a love of pop music. He’s a self-confessed “child of the MTV generation”, describes Britney as “the reason; my beacon of light,” and loves Glambert for “pushing the envelope; opening people’s minds.” He’s also obsessed with Lady Gaga.
“She is such a hard worker. So committed. She’s smart: artistically smart, intellectually smart. She’s well educated. She’s brilliant. She’s got a great knowledge of reference points to pull from, things that inspire her.”
So far, so gay. You may also be not exactly bowled over to learn that he knows Gaga’s dance routines off by heart. But then every club-going gay in the UK who can arc his hands into a claw likes to think he knows Gaga’s dance routines off by heart (and yes, I include myself here). This is where the similarities end.
Mike Munich is a professional dancer, based in sunny LA, where he’s worked for some of the biggest names in the industry. Including Mother Monster herself.

GT: You’re the one that she straddles on the bed in the Alejandro video, is that correct?

Mike: Yes, I’m the one that’s bottoming [laughs].

GT: That’s crazy. Did you get turned on at all?

Mike: No. I don’t think so… I mean I was living girl! I was happy. I was like ‘What? I’ve got to get on my back? I’ve got to roll that head? I’ve got to be the only bottom for Lady Gaga!’”

GT: Did you get to keep the heels you’re wearing?

Mike: No. [But] I got to keep my wig! It’s a piece of history [laughs].

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