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Gay Times May 11 - Issue 392


Take 10 good-looking men and stick them in a luxury apartment in Newquay, Cornwall. Throw in lots of gym equipment and some drunken nights out. Remove shirts. Mix. Serve weekly on Sky Living HD. We’re so there. In fact, we were. They stripped off and waved their bits on a beach. It’s a hard life.

SEAN, 19

How hunky are you?
I think I’m quite hunky… I don’t wanna say ‘I’m really hunky!’ (Laughs). Yeah I’d say I’m a good-looking guy, I think.

What’s the best thing about being a hunk?
Living in this penthouse. It’s amazing! Definitely. Going about and just getting lots of interest off the public really. It’s just the best thing about it.

Yeah. Yeah I am. I’ve had a bit… I did a really camp music video. It was really, really camp. I got quite a bit of a gay following and interest off that one.

Why should our readers like you most out of all the hunks?
I think I’m the cute one out of everybody. There’s a couple of guys who are quite arrogant and I’m the cute, kind of friendly one. The sweet one.

What will your dream job be at the end of this?
A feature film actor. I’ve done music videos and a couple of short films and one feature film. But I really wanna hit the big screens and be a big time actor. e ever more representative. And while most of us don’t have much in common with an A-lister’s lifestyle we may be able to associate with their background or character.

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