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Gay Times May 11 - Issue 392

Trevor Wayne

Trevor Wayne’s turned his talented hand to bit of everything – modelling, appearing on TV and in film (Bruce LaBruce films, no less) and he’s also an artist.

What do you call yourself? Or is there just a long list under ‘occupation’?
First I just think of myself as an artist. I think acting and modeling is an extension of that. Pretty much anything visual I try to be a part of. Music, on the other hand, I’m terrible at!

You appeared in a Pink music video too...was that fun? What was she like?
I was in two of her videos. The first one God is a DJ for a fourth of a second, and the newer one So What a whole two seconds [laughs]. I was lucky enough to actually spend about 20 minutes of quality time with her both times. I wasn’t too familiar with her music when I was in her first video, but she’s so charming and so completely nice that now I love anything she does. She made it a point to call me by my name when she first met me. That’s a trait I’ve noticed in successful people and I’m trying to be better about names now myself…

Anything else you do? Or would like to do?
I think I’d like to be a photographer as well. I just don’t have the money to put into it like I would like to, or the time to really dedicate to it at the moment... but I would love to start shooting male pinup as I think it should be.

You’ve worked with a lot of really great photographers for your modelling pics. Anyone you’d love to work with?
Yes – if anyone can get Terry Richardson and Steven Kleins attention for me that would be amazing [laughs] Oh, and by the way –  Mario Testino if you see this, can I please have one of the portrait shots from our Vman shoot? With my head in it this time? [Laughs]

Loving the tattoos. You a fan of the ink?
I like it, I’m not obsessed though [laughs]. I don’t collect tattoo magazines or really research the artists out there, I guess I feel pretty completed in that area so my attention has gone elsewhere.

Were any of your shoots particularly fun?
The beach was fun, it was my first time at a nude beach. Shooting with Greg Gorman was a lot of fun, I really like him. He’s just a great person to talk to, fun and smart, and the best art collection I’ve seen in Los Angeles so far.

Your first time on a nudist beach? Was that an eye opener?
Not really. I’ve been to hot springs before where everyone was nude, but it was more of a hippy feel [laughs]. It was slightly different on the beach. I liked it, I’d go back if it was closer. America is so uptight about nudity.

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