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Gay Times April 11 - Issue 391

Viva La Difference

We have an unashamed pop hard on for Same Difference. We’ll admit it, they’re more than just some band we interview on a regular basis, they’re part of our extended Gay Times family. Can you adopt someone you’re not old enough to have fathered?

Anyway, the brother sister duo are, in our experience, nothing like the Syco-squeaky-clean siblings that other mainstream press like to make them out to be. It was their last Sweetie darling? GT interview where they talked about being a Hoover, preferring batterred cod to sausages and that they find tramps funny. Which is exactly where we pick things up again.
“I still find them quite hilarious to be honest,” Sarah says, “but since watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, I think gypsies are funnier.”
Amazing; We’ve started exactly as we mean to go on. The 22-year-old is totally in love with her boyfriend, so it’s only a matter of time for a big fat gypsy wedding, but what about Sean? Singing all these love songs on their second album The Rest Is History, is he in love?
“Err, no,” he says bluntly. “Maybe once in my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt real love, like when you’re in a full-on relationship. Obviously, I’m in love with the music and all that kind of stuff – cheesy I know. When I sing about love, I sing about music.
“The one that we got a bit emotional and deep with was Broken Memories, we feel a lot of love for that song, because it tackles the whole brother sister thing. It’s something that we’ve always wanted to do because everyone has always said it was a bit creepy – we’ve had that a million times – and we wanted to take it head on and go, it’s brother/sister and my sister has boyfriend troubles and that’s the dynamic in that situation.”
The aforementioned Broken Melodies is a slow guitar jam. We have to be honest, we prefer the poppers o’clock banging pop numbers, but we’ll get to that don’t you worry.
It’s the love songs that have earnt them the “creepy” reputation. But it’s all about the music! Take the PWL-esque powerhouse anthem, Heartbeat. “That was more about the feeling you get from music, especially when you’re in that euphoric feeling of being out and about.” says Sean. “If you actually looked into the bridge into the chorus, ‘adrenaline gets me high, touch the sky, don’t know what you’re doing to me’, you can link it all to sex. And then all of a sudden we’re back into creepy territory. We have to always say that is definitely about music. ‘Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride’ that’s the best lyric;” he laughs.
Sarah chips in “Oh God here we go again they’re gonna go, ‘they’re singing about incest again’.”

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