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Gay Times February 11 - Issue 389

Matt Johnson

He’s the 28-year-old dishy Welsh TV presenter who you’re likely to see iPad in hand on ITV1’s This Morning. We had a natter with new boy Matt Johnson…

How does it feel to be part of This Morning?
It’s a dream come true. I’m enjoying it more than I could’ve possibly imagined. It’s a fun show to work on. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
What’s the best part of working in The Hub?
The best part is reading all the emails. Everyone’s so frank and honest. You get real peoples opinions on things. Some of them can be naughty.
What’s the naughtiest?
[Laughs] I get emails now and then maybe asking me to take my trousers off, which I have contemplated, but I don’t think they’d let me.
We’re sure our readers would love that…
Some are too rude; I couldn’t possibly read them out on air.
Who’s the best person you’ve interviewed?
Twelve months ago if you’d said I’d be interviewing that calibre of interviewees [on This Morning] I’d be shocked. For The Wales Show [ITV Wales’s music show] it was amazing to interview Slash from Guns and Roses, he was one of my heroes growing up. And Ricky Gervais, he was as pleasant and funny as I imagined.
We’ve read that you’ve tried your hand at acting. Is that true?
Yes. I was in Gavin and Stacey. Your readers may appreciate here that I played a gay man. I played José in the wedding episode. Yes, José. I was in my white suit and my lime green shirt.
How was it playing gay?
Not a problem at all. It was fun. I played Stacey’s brother Jason’s boyfriend. He was an overly camp, white suit wearing, Portuguese playboy. I didn’t have many lines, but I think I said most of it with my eyes. I portrayed my gayness through my eyes – and my wiggle [laughs].
Would you ever consider doing a shoot for GT?
Do you know what, if you give me a couple of weeks to tone up, absolutely!

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