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Gay Times January 11 - Issue 388

Skandar Keynes

He’s the fresh-faced, mild-mannered, sharp-witted 19-year-old star of the Narnia films and he’s having a chin wag with GT about the latest (and his last) adventure, via bible belt Christians, the hell of being a role model and imaginary mice.

We might as well start by talking about that wetsuit. What was the most arduous part of being in and out of the water?
The worst bit was in the final battle, I had to be running and jumping around doing things wearing full amour, drenched head to toe, all day just soaking wet. Just running around the whole time, absolutely exhausting.

Did you do much acting with CGI?
We did quite a bit. You’re already presuming that your name is Edmund, and you come from the 1940s and you’re King of Narnia. It’s not very hard to stretch your imagination and say, “Okay, there’s a mouse there as well!”

With the character of Edmund, do you draw any experiences in real life or people that you know?
It’s such an abstract situation, it’s very difficult as a boy born from London to draw parallels with the King of Narnia. But there are more universal human relationships, simple things such as family. One thing that Edmund has to deal with in this film is ambition and jealousy and temptation, which I think are more universal values.

What is the temptation then?
Well basically it’s ambition. He’s frustrated in England having to be the lowest of the low not being even getting to fight because he’s too young, whereas he used to be a King and lead armies into battle. Also he has to go and live with his uncle, he has no control over his own life.

Do you get any crazy fans?
Yeah there are a good show of crazy fans. I remember ­– I’m related to Charles Darwin – I was once sent from a girl in Missouri, the bible belt of America, a box. I opened it and there was a copy of the Bible, with a narrative saying that Darwin was wrong and the bible was right. Then a DVD saying how geology proves that evolution didn’t happen and that the world is only 4000 years old. And I thought, “Oh, go away…”

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