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Gay Times January 11 - Issue 388


Diamond Rings is the solo project of John O Regan, a lanky, glamourous 25 year old Canadian with a shockingly deep singing voice.

Yes, his records sound a bit like Joy Division, so we’re well within the depths of indie here, but – and not just for the arresting make up – he’s a bit of a genre bender. In among all the guitar riffs, we hear shades of alt pop and… is that R’n’B?
“Some of the songs are super R’n’B, that’s just me. Maybe I was watching a lot of Usher videos that week, so some of that rubbed off on me. It’s just fun that way right? I think people are ready for artists who kind of push their own personal boundaries. Especially the way music is consumed on iPods and digitally, people jump around a lot more, you know what I mean? So I kind of wanted to approach my own music making the same way”.
This approach, against all odds, works as the whole Diamond Rings project is shabbily cohesive. He does his own make up, his own high femme styling, writes all the songs and performs them in his own geeky-butch way. “For me it’s about just, really pushing my own limits,” says John. “Like, ‘Yes, I will wear those pants with those shoes and that jacket and with that make-up. And I will try to make this song that sounds like a Justin Beiber beat’, or something. And I’m going to do all this by myself in front of all these people. The further it goes, the easier it becomes to really get to that place where you’re really reaching people and really going for it, because everything is stripped away there’s nothing really to hide behind. And if you’re out there in gold tights, people are definitely looking at you.”

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