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Gay Times December 10 - Issue 387

Shayne Ward

He’s the hottest X Factor export ever, and now he’s back with a new album, a new body and a new beard. Meet GT’s current Obsession, the absolutely stunning Shayne Ward.

“Get on your knees. Turn around so your back’s to me.”
Shayne Ward. Uttered this. To me. Yes he, oh perfect faced one, of X Factor winning fame. It’s true. I have it on tape.
And thankfully he didn’t croon it at me in his falsetto voice. (As much as I love his falsetto voice) Oh no. He said it with the gruff, serious tone his new length of beard suggests. While lying on his back. FACT.
OK, fun over. At this point I must set the record ‘straight’ (groan). I have not been seduced by Britain’s answer to Justin Timberlake, except maybe in my imagination. The Irish born singer is in fact straight (duh) and has been with his long-term girlfriend since before winning the country’s biggest talent show back in 2005.
Although the truth behind his and my flirting isn’t wholly disappointing - absolutely staggered at the sight of his lean, taut new body, I requested something of a personal training session with the handsome Mancunian. And to my ecstatic glee he was more than happy to oblige. That said it’s less personal training, more him working out as I watch intently (his back muscles are immense) while occasionally offering myself up as a prop. He bench-presses my entire ten stone self as I make coy little ‘woah!’ noises. It’s true. I have it on tape. That’s why he was lying on his back and demanded I drop to my knees, in case you were wondering.
“I feel the best I’ve ever felt,” he tells me warmly and excitedly. “I enjoyed the training before but I was doing a different style. I was putting weight on to bulk up. I was quite big at one point. But I think a lot of people want to see me toned. And I totally agree, no wants to see you massive unless you’re a rapper!”
But he’s still, you know, pretty big. He lets me measure his tattooed biceps and I do so with my handspan, discovering they’re thicker than my neck. No doubt about it, on the eve of release of his third studio album Obsession - an anthem-laden collection - Shayne is looking on absolute top form.
I tell him to drop and give me one hundred press-ups. He smiles like a mischievous child and does so promptly, without breaking a sweat, and for the first fifty he carries on with the interview at the same time…I might make this my interviewing style for good. Although he does look in visible pain towards the end. By his eightieth there’s some gentle panting. By his ninetieth he starts to count down intensely. When he reaches one hundred he gives a nerve-shredding, heart-stopping bellow. Which I’m certain will haunt me forever. I wonder how much I could get for this Dictaphone on EBay?

The full interview, including more big hot pics, is out now in the current December issue

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